From the field to the table

In Nouca we elaborate nearness walnuts produced in own fields.

Our team effort and passion for the land, favours the well-being of plantations, reflecting in the quality and flavour of our walnuts.

The craft treatment in the post harvest, washing and drying the walnuts in a natural way, without any chemical additive, makes our walnuts preserve their qualities so appreciated and their properties so beneficial for our organism.

As a consequence, since 2016 Nouca owns the CCPAE (Catalan Council of the Organic Production)

We invite to enjoy our distinguished walnuts.


Farmers serving farmers

Nouca provides solutions from the nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts) harvesting phase to the final commercialization.

We offer an integral harvesting service; guarantying the best human team and the latest technology machinery.

We assure the efficiency and shortnes of the product harvest guarantying the best treatment to the plantations and fittings.

Contact us to schedule a visit to your field without any commitment.

It is a special machine to pick up the nuts.
It is distinguished by its padding clip, closing automation and by the fastening angle modification. For this reason the non-existent damages to the plant are guaranteed.


We have a handy and versatile sweeper that allow us to operate in most plantations.


Our great advantage, we are producers

To us, the commercialization is as important as the production.

Our team take part in this process, taking care of every detail, basing on a manual selection of the walnuts.

Our guide selection is based on setting aside those walnuts which could have any kind of lack due to plagues during the production phase or any lack in the product itself.

Once selected, the walnuts are stored in walnut wood boxes, preserving their flavour status until their final packaging.

Our packaging is made according to the customer demands, from meshes of 500 gr to 10 kg bags, remarking the proximity and quality in every case.

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