Nouca walnuts

Nouca walnuts

The spirit of our walnuts

Our walnuts are grown and manufactured in fertile grounds, with plenty water and natural nutrients.

Our area climate, the contrast between heat and cold, the large number of sun hours in the hot summer and the large hours of cold in winter are suitable for this crop, providing to our walnuts the authentic and unmatched Mediterranean Flavour.

Every portion of our walnuts will delight your palate giving the unmistakable texture of Nouca walnuts.

The sales campaign begins in October after its harvesting and finishes in May, in this way we can guarantee that the nuts come from the last harvesting.

The manufacturation process of the walnuts is completely natural, using exclusively water, with the objective of keeping the whole of their benefits and nutrients that provides to organism.

Among the most important benefits of walnuts we find they are:

  • Antioxidants
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Help the blood circulation
  • Help the nervous  system

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